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Crown Classic Basmati Rice

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Crown Classic Basmati Rice is the longest-ever known released cultivar in the world. It has an extraordinary average kernel (grain) length of 8.4 mm per grain. The kernel elongation ratio ranges from 2 to 2.5, i.e. length of cooked rice kernel to length of uncooked kernel. Aged naturally for 1.5 years, this variety of Basmati Rice is apt for cooking Biryani as it does not turn sticky, possesses minimum breadth-wise expansion, and is aromatic.



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Leading Producer Of 100% Natural, Premium Quality Basmati Rice DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd, a 4 Star Export House, is a renowned rice producer, counted among the top rice brands in India, excelling on all grounds and offering a range of best organic rice varieties. We provide easy to cook, mouth-watering rice that is ideal for preparing varied dishes from fried rice and stir-fries to pudding. Turn your every meal into a delicacy with our appetizing rice!

4 reviews for Crown Classic Basmati Rice

  1. Shama Mehndi

    This is the best Basmati Rice I have ever cooked. I cooked biryani and my family was so happy.

  2. Neha

    यह अच्छा बासमती चावल है। पकाने में आसान और लंबे दाने वाले। सभी को मेरा पुलाव बहुत पसंद आया

  3. preety swami

    i have been buying this rice for quite sometime on amazon. when I came to know they also have their own website and offer good price, i now order here. good service and good quality products

  4. Harsdeep Kaur

    I am happy I ordered their rice. Quick delivery.

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